Soapberries Spray and Wipe

Posted by Lana Armstrong on

Over time I think we have made cleaning more complicated then it needs to be.

This recipe for spray and wipe surface cleaner takes us back to the basics where we should have always been. 

As I mention below I use this as an all purpose cleaner around my house and am happy with the results. Try it and let us know what you think also.

This was one of the recipes that recently featured in our workshops, and participants commented how simple it seemed, which is how we like it to be. 


Soapberries Spray and Wipe 

¼ cup Soapberries Liquid base

1 tbsp vinegar 

5 drops of essential oils (I like to use tea tree or a protectant blend for their ability to kill germs and bacteria)


Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and mix well. I use this spray and wipe to clean my mirrors, windows, microwave, oven, splash backs, benchtops in kitchen bathroom, and toilet cistern (Basically most non-porous surfaces as I walk around cleaning!) Double  or triple this recipe if you like.


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