Soapberries Hand Soap recipe

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 Whenever we have visitors to our house and they use our hand soap I am always asked where it's from, I proudly inform them its home made. I was supposed to share this recipe with you all so long ago but it slipped my mind until I went to make some more. This recipe is simple and easy to adapt to your preferred consistency so don't be afraid to play around with it to get it the way you prefer.


Soapberries Hand soap


100ml liquid Castile Soap

1 ½ tbsp. soapberries liquid base 

5 – 10 drops of essential oils



Add all ingredients together and mix well. Add to pump bottle and use as normal.



If you like a foamier soap you may like to add more castile soap. Or alternatively you may want a thinner hand soap so add more soapberries liquid. I make the base and then use some and if not happy I add a little more of one or the other depending on what takes my fancy on the day. I like to add Rosemary teatree and Lavender as my essential oils. This is all down to personal choice but I always make sure I include tea tree for its antibacterial properties)

You can also simply use Soapberries by itself in a foamie bottle and it makes a great hand soap by itself.  


I use this same above recipe for a shower gel also I just add a little more soapberries liquid.


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