Can we live 100% naturally?

From the Pilbara in Western Australia, Lana Armstrong began a journey to find sustainable products for her family. Join in our unfolding adventure, and enjoy sharing new, ethical products for everyday living.

Are you ready for the plastic bag ban in WA? From July, WA is finally banning the use of single use plastic bags, so make sure you are ready with one of our reusable options.

Eco Storage

Discover our range of environmentally friendly storage choices for fresh foods

Eco cleaning

All natural cleaning products without the needs for harsh chemicals.

Envirosax Bag



Envirosax provide a compelling alternative to the plastic bags which are doing so much damage to our planet. The Envirosax team uses renewable and recyclable products where possible, and is committed to operating on ecologically sustainable principles. Carry an Envirosax wherever you go and make a positive contribution to the environment we all share!

SPECIAL - Select Any 3 Envirosax for the special price of $26.00 add them to your shopping cart and apply the discount code ENVIRO3PACK


Cheese Bag



This innovative cheese bag is designed to hold a kilo block of cheese and has snap press buttons so the bag can fold down and keep smaller blocks fresh. These eco-friendly, zippered bags are machine washable, and feature a highly water-resistant lining so they clean up quickly and easily, use after use. They’re a great

solution for a plastic-free fridge. It is recommended to keep the cheese in the original packaging to prevent any drying out of the cheese but no other plastic wrap is needed. Size 20x23cm.


Shakti Foot Pad

An asset to any Shakti Lover on the go. 
The unique density of the inner foam is designed especially for refreshing and stimulating tired feet. Its compact size makes it great for travel, and its discreet appearance allows you to use your footpad for more than after-work revival. Great present, or a gift to yourself!  Try using it when standing behind desks, counters or kitchen benches. The Shakti Footpad is available for $49 from Barefoot Creations. 


Shakti Headband

Experience clarity, focus and relaxation with The Shakti Headband – perfect for those who want the benefits of the Shakti Mat on this specific area. Place the headband lightly around the forehead and temples to help relax a busy mind and support normal recovery from headaches.  Made with an adjustable strap to fit all sizes.  😉 Available for $29

Great Christmas Gift!

Shakti Mat

The Original Shakti Mat is designed to help combat stress, muscle tension and sleep problems by providing circulation and acupressure simultaneously. 6,000 points on this mat makes it the mat we recommended for 95% of people. Available from Barefoot Creations for $69 

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