Earth Day 2018

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Did you know today is Earth Day? That's right today Sunday the 22nd of April is Earth Day.

I'm disappointed for a few reasons;

- that I didn't realise it was Earth day until 2 days ago when a friend told me

- that it hasn't been more publicised or shared for awareness

- and I'm disappointed that we have to have a day called Earth Day, shouldn't every day be a day that we consider the earth, after all without it none of us would exist?

Before I continue ( and you if you are still reading) I am going to be very "passionate" in this article so if you don't want to hear the truth or might take offence to what I am saying please stop reading now.

Right now we have got that out of the way lets get to the point. Today is Earth day and the topic this year is "End Plastic Pollution", which in Australia is very relevant at the moment. Just in case you didn't know, we (Australia) have been sending our single use plastics to China to be disposed of (I cant' get a clear idea of what happens to them once they are in China so I don't want to give incorrect information, but really what happens with it once there is now irrelevant as it isn't going there anyway). 

So as a country we haven't taken ownership of the single use plastic, we were just sending it to another country to deal with. And now we have a problem on our hands that should have always been our own problem. 

We as individuals can all make excuses on single use plastic, I've heard a few, from people saying that they use their single use plastic bags to collect dog poo so it gets used again, to saying that the same garbage truck collects the rubbish bin then comes back and empties our recycling bin, and that's how they justify their contribution to landfill, that the big companies need to stop putting it in plastic, but the truth is they are just EXCUSES.

DOG POO- My son collects once they have dried out with a scoop and an old yoghurt container, we then empty it direct into the bin or we bury it, that's one idea and I am sure if you put your mind to it you could come up with more.

SAME TRUCK- Regardless of where your rubbish ends up (ie at the tip or at a recycle plant) we all need to take ownership of our contribution as if it is getting recycled then it still requires a process to be recycled, whereas if we didn't buy single use items to begin with then they wouldn't need to be recycled or even worse wouldn't end up in landfill. 

COMPANIES NEED TO STOP PUTTING IT IN SINGLE USE PLASTIC- I have heard this several times, and I guess it's like the saying about the egg or the chicken, which comes first. People say that the companies need to stop putting it in single use plastic and then they wouldn't have to dispose of it, well if we STOP buying their items wrapped in single use plastic then guess what, they will look at alternatives or they just won't be able to continue to trade. 

I guess the point I am trying to make is that we all need to stop making excuses and make smarter choices. TAKE OWNERSHIP for your rubbish and look at ways to decrease it.

We are very lucky to live in this amazing country and it's time to start appreciating it. 

Please if you know someone that uses single use plastic items and makes excuses for them please share this article with them. If you are one of the people that have had the article shared with you because you use a lot of single use items, please don't take offence we are just starting to stand up for our EARTH because once it's gone life will be non existant, and we don't want that for the generations to come, I certainly don't. 

Now back to Earth Day, my friend and I spoke about Earth Day and what we could take a pledge to do from today. I have thought about it and what I am going to do that's different to other days. From today I am going to try and talk to everyone I can about ways that can stop their use of single use plastic bags. I have often wanted to ask people in the shops if they have heard of the reusable produce bags but I am scared they may take it the wrong way. So what I am going to do is tell people about the options out there with a big smile on my face and hopefully they don't get offended. I am going to tell at least one person each time I am at the shops, and don't worry if you think I am going to be using this as an opportunity to sell my products I'm not going to as that isn't what my point is. So if you have someone in the shops tell you about the options out there please don't take offence to it, we are just trying to KEEP AUSTRALIA BEAUTFIUL!


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