Barefoot Creations Washing Powder Recipe

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I have been making my own washing powder for, at a guess, over 10 years now. I have played around with the ingredients and I have been impressed with it more with the addition of the Pure and Natural Powdered Coconut Soap in lieu of grating or blending pure soap bars. The Sodium Bicarb can be increased or decreased (or even left out) but I chose to this amount as it helps soften the fabrics (along with helping to remove odours, and a natural bleach), which if you live in the Pilbara you definitely need!
I use White Vinegar in lieu of fabric softener. I place it in the dispenser where fabric softener goes (and don’t worry I have never smelt the vinegar on my clothes after washing them with the vinegar)

Barefoot Creations Washing Powder 

1 kg Natural Washing Soda

1 kg Pure Natural Borax

500g Pure and Natural Powdered Coconut Soap

125-250g Organic Natural Sodium Bicarbonate

20 – 40 drops of essential oils (optional) 

Place half ingredients in a blender and mix for 40 seconds on medium speed. Place the ingredients in the container that you will store it in. Repeat.

This recipe is a less is more approach so you only require a small amount. I use approximately 1-2 tbsp per load.


Whilst this recipe contains natural ingredients please take care with the dust that is produced when making and using as it it’s such a fine dust it’s easy to breathe in.

Keep out of reach from children. Avoid contact with eyes.


As this recipe contains no commercial cleaning chemicals we recommend cleaning your washing machine regularly. White vinegar and Sodium bicarb are great for using in your machine on a hot cycle empty to get it clean.


Makes 131 loads (based on 1 tbsp per load) which is 21 cents per load (based on current pricing of Barefoot Creations at the time of publishing and excludes essential oils).


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