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Can you remember the first time you contributed to landfill? Me neither, but chances are its still out there and hasn't decomposed either. Plastic water bottles take *450 years to break down, so by the time your great great great great great grand children are about 80 years old that first water bottle you threw out might have broken down. As I sit here writing that sentence I have to take a moment to really think about that. Sh#t 450 years! I'm horrified to think that in the past I haven't even thought about it. Until recently. There is no excuse for us to still be contributing to landfill.

REDUCE RE-USE RECYCLE. We've all heard of that by now right? The first step is Reduce. The next time you go to buy something just think, do I need this? If so think re-use, can you use it again again and again? If not is there an alternative out there that you can chose instead? Next - Recycle, don't just think can the item be recycled when I have finished with it, what about the packaging, can that be recycled? If you answered no to all of these questions maybe go back to the first question you've asked yourself, do I need this?

With the new year looming now is the time we sit back and look at the year that was and also set goals and aspirations for the new year. How about making 2018 the year we STOP. STOP contributing to landfill and reduce our ecological footprint. STOP buying items that are single use plastic. STOP buying products in plastic. Actually heck why don't the companies stop making products in single use plastic? I think we all know that isn't going to happen anytime soon, so lets make our own changes.

Here at Barefoot Creations we are looking at ways we can help you recycle some of the items that can't be put into your normal recycling bin ( remember recycle is the 3rd preferred option!). We have signed up for 3 different programs;

Mailing Recycling Satchel Program

Australia Post have joined with TerraCycle to provide second life for used pre paid mailing satchels and Padded Satchels through the Mailing Satchel Recycling Program. So start collecting your satchels and drop them in our box provided. If you can't make it to our drop point  you can find other drop points here 

Oral Care Recycling Program

Terra Cycle and Colgate have teamed up to create a free recycling program for oral care product packaging. You can now also drop these at Barefoot Creations here in Karratha you can find a drop here . Program accepted waste includes toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, toothbrush and toothpaste tube outer packaging, floss containers. Please note electronic toothbrushes and electronic toothbrush parts are not recyclable through this program.

Beauty Products Recycling Program

Recycle skin care, hair care and cosmetic packaging through this program. Acceptable waste includes: Cosmetic packaging such as used lipstick and lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow, bronzer, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip liner, and concealer packaging. Hair care packaging such as used shampoo and conditioner bottles and caps, hair gel caps and tubes, hair spray and hair treatment packaging. Skin care packaging such as lip balm, face moisturiser, face and body wash soap dispensers and tubes, body and hand lotion dispensers and tubes and shaving foam packaging. Drop them at Barefoot Creations here in Karratha. Other locations can be found here 

 If you don't have a drop point near you why not take control yourself and sign up as a drop point? You can even earn rewards for your local community/school like I am for my sons primary school.  

Stop making excuses and make the change today. You can find our range  waste free solutions here





References                                                                                                                          *450 years obtained from Department of Environment and Conservation fact sheet 



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    Sorry I have just seen this comment now. I think we may have already chatted on social media, but just in case we didn’t, checkout https://www.terracycle.com.au there is lots of free recycling programs on there to take advantage. Good work on being THE ONE to make a change :)

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  • Hi,
    I’m interested in the school recycling programs. Can I please ask who I would contact for a Perth metro school?
    Thank you

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