How to avoid single use items when out and about

Posted by Lana Armstrong on

On occasion we like to get a takeaway lunch, I have been using my stainless steel straws and travel bag for a while now so I have been able to avoid the dreaded plastic straws, but the single use cutlery was still a hard one. I have tried a few approaches (one which saw me eating my salad with my fingers haha) and then I decided to pop a knife fork and spoon from my normal cutlery set at home. This worked well for a while, but if you are a Mum you can relate to your handbag always being the dumping ground for anything and everything, so you look to lighten it as much as possible. 

And then I came across the Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery Set

This is a game changer! Ever Eco have thought about all the environmental impacts, even the packaging (which is minimal) is cardboard so it can be recycled, the bag is made from organic cotton, and the cutlery itself is from a sustainable bamboo plantation. 

These team perfectly with our Stainless Steel Straws + Travel Bag and I also keep some reusable containers in my car so that I try not to get caught short if we decide to get takeaway and have lunch at a park.

For $12.95 you can add the Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery Set to help you on your journey to a single use plastic free life


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