Why I started Barefoot Creations

Posted by Lana Armstrong on

My name is Lana and I have always had a keen interest in natural alternatives and things in their original and natural form. I have always enjoyed making my own products and am passionate about things that are better for the environment. I have also wanted to run my own business for a long time also so it made sense to join the two together!

Barefoot Creations was formed because I wanted to bring my 2 children up in a world not exposed to the harsh chemicals that I know we can avoid. I live in the Pilbara and had found it hard to source ingredients and products that met what I was looking for, so I thought I would share, and bring them here for everyone. 
Lana and Family  Gibb River road

I have a great hubby who supports me in all the different ideas I come up with, and he's always willing to be my guinea pig when I am playing with recipes and different concoctions!

I also have 2 awesome kids who are 5 and 2 months, and I work a part time job 2 days a week.
These photos say it all... they are of the 3 loves of my life, and what drives me to make sure our impact on the environment is one of sustainability, and not destruction.


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